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Children of Hate

Just imagine that you thank your life to the fact that your mother was raped by a person who killed her whole family? How would this influence your relationship with her? How does it influence the rest of your life? That’s a question documentary filmmakers Emmi van den Boom and Tove Tikkanen Jönn researched in Rwanda for their new documentary Children of Hate.

The goal of our project is to make a documentary that tells the personal stories of three young adults that were born out of rape during the genocide in 1994 and their mothers. Through their stories we show what the effect is of sexual violence as a weapon. We want to discover how these women and children have rebuilt their lives after the genocide and how these traumatic events still have a day to day impact on their lives.

We travelled to Rwanda March 2018 with funding from Konstnärsnämnden in Sweden and Postcode loterij fonds voor journalisten of  Free Press Unlimited in the Netherlands. Currently we are in the post-production fase of the documentary.

Here you can read an article about this topic (in Dutch).