About me

About me

I love to go out and listen to the stories of people whose voice we barely hear. Stories that show a different side of a person, country or subject, that have an emotional impact and make you rethink your own ideas. I like to challenge my own preconceptions and dare myself to think differently. I want my public to do the same.

Thanks to my anthropology and journalism background, I work accordingly and like to go to places no one has been before. I am not afraid to go out, get dirty and do proper research before I make a statement or publish an article. I prefer to work on location and will cross borders if that is necessary to find the right sources for my story.

This mindset made me visit Iran multiple times, where I indulged in the food culture (nrc.next 2015), dove into the Persian sea to learn more about the upcoming surf community in Baluchistan (OneWorld 2016), went shopping to understand the meaning of fashion for young women (Opzij 2016) and learned how it is to buy fashionably lingerie in Tehran (Opzij 2017).

For my first documentary project I travelled to a refugee camp in Northern Uganda and spend two months there to shoot the documentary A Call From Water Tank 6. The documentary tells a personal story from the refugee crisis in Uganda and the war in South Sudan. The award winning documentary challenges our ideas about refugees in Africa and shows the human side of the current heated debate about the so called refugee crisis. From research to editing to promotion: I have worked on every part of the filming process.

When I am not abroad, I like to do interviews or nerd in how to increase your reach with different kind of social media posts. I have worked as a social media editor and content producer at Ekot, the news program at the Swedish public radio, the Swedish Red Cross and Sida, the Swedish International Development Agency.

I’m available for interesting jobs that bring me to places where I wouldn’t come otherwise. Just send me an e-mail or give me a call.